Ipeka Automation is a traditional Finnish manufacturer of high-end professional bakery equipment. We are mainly known for our industrial bread slicers and packaging machines. However, our core expertise includes spiral conveyor systems, automated counting systems, collating and stacking systems.

Most of Ipeka′s products are designed to function as a part of a high capacity bread baking line, especially in bakery product post-processing, after the oven. In addition, we also supply custom-designed sourdough fermenting systems — to automate the liquid pre-dough processes.

Our machines are designed and manufactured in Finland, and we are proud to have customers in 55 countries, across all 6 continents.


Ipeka was founded in the late 1970's by a talented engineer Ilpo Nieminen and an experienced sales manager Kauko Kuusinen. They both had history with processing and packaging equipment in the food industry, but the new company named Ipeka (sort of an acronym from their first names) focused on the baking industry. Their very first commercialized product was Ipeka CL-35, for bread bagging with clipband closing. A packaging machine that has been very popular all these decades since.

The products that followed were sourdough fermentation tanks, glaze dosing machines, and in the 1980's company developed equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

R&D and production

Ipeka's production plant is located in Akaa, Finland. This is close to the city of Tampere, only a one and a half hour drive from Helsinki, the capital city. Our product development has always greatly benefited from close cooperation with the local Finnish bakery professionals. Our long-term strategic decision has been to keep the whole production chain very close, and to have our own team of designers, mechanical and automation engineers, we have even our own electrical department to assemble control cabinets.

Various local subcontractors are used for some of the operations, such as laser cutting, fine CNC machining and various surface treatments, but most of the assembly work is done by our trained technicians. Many steps of the manufacturing process, such as welding, to this day require high level of traditional craftsmanship.


Ipeka Automation is committed to help bakeries all around the globe in developing their processes ever better. We have been in this business for many decades and it is truly enjoyable to see real results of collaboration involving professionals from many areas. We simply love good bread — this is one bonus of working with bakery machines; fresh bread supply is guaranteed. In the coming years and decades, as we expand, we plan on growing our production capacity and widen our market to new countries. We never want to lose our personal contact with the bakers, each and every customer is important to us and we would like to keep it that way.